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ChatBot Solution

A Chatbot is a service, powered by artificial intelligence to simulate a conversation with human users via a chat interface over the Internet. The Chatbot services can be functional or fun and can be live in any chat product like social media (Facebook chat – workspace) web interfaces and mobile applications.


  • A chatbot is a service, powered by artificial intelligence, that users interact with via a chat interface.
  • The service could be any number of things, ranging from functional to fun, and it could live in any major chat product.
  • Customers can know all about their orders automatically.
  • Order confirmation and delivery status.
  • Send automated responses to support queries over email.
  • Integrating with the CRM to provide instant responses.
  • The need for jumping throughout the app is no more, just ask the chatbot and you get it.

Chatbot Key Features

Mobile Bot

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Skype Bot

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Website Bot

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Slack Bot

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How Chatbots Works

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Industry Problem Analysis

  • Live Agent can only handle few(2-3) conversations at a time, where as Chatbot's can handle multiple chat session without a limit.
  • Chatbot's are useful in answering the repeated customer queries and results in load shedding on Live Agents.
  • Agents tend to get fatigue & lose focus because of their monotonous job roles which result in inefficiencies Huge cost is incurred on human resource for customer service & employee support.
  • Customers do not want to waste time on IVR's and wait for a response.

Chatbot for Thai Airways

  • Assisting potential customers to get on boarded with Chatbot using engaging conversations on the chat.
  • Agent like responses within seconds for a much superior customer experience.
  • Assisting existing customers to get on boarded with Chatbot online portal.
  • Videocon supports 2-way authentication and password masking directly in the chat window allowing users to login securely.
  • Chatbot enables customers to book, update edit flight details.
  • Enabling customers to search best price.
  • Provide a dedicated agent like conversational support Sending relevant tips just like a human agent would.