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Geo Fencing

Location - Based automation with geofencing

Proximity marketing however, is a more granular(Hyper-Local) form of location marketing. The coffee shop owner could decide to have a more targeted approach and reach out to customers passing his coffee shop, let's say in the range of 300 meters to 750 Meters. This approach is more personalized and contextually relevant.Proximity marketing is about reaching out to customers based on the accurate position and not a virtual geofence. This makes the communication more contextual and personalised.

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Services offered

  • Platform Agnostic Ads (PAA) Automatically created formats compatible with each Platform.
  • A/B Tested Ads Multiple variants of products tested to identify top performing ones.
  • Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) Bring back lost customers by showing them exact products they viewed.
  • Performance Oriented Track performance metrics to estimate ROI of every promotion.
  • Product Specific Prospects (PSP) Identify customers most likely to purchase a specific.
  • Intelligent Ad Creator (IAC) Create 100's of ads of top selling products on your online store.

Geo Location Analytics

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