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We are 7+ years of experienced Bulk SMS provider in Bangalore, India provides Bulk SMS service to 300+ clients every year. Both 100% Delivery Rate & Lowest Price are guaranteed

How does Bulk SMS Service work?

Key Features of our Bulk SMS Service

  • Easily personalize your bulk SMS
  • Attach files to your SMS
  • Real-time delivery and click reports
  • Opt-out or opt-in users easily
  • Compose in 15+ regional languages
  • Schedule and Stagger options
  • 100% Delivery Rate
  • Mobile surveys and forms
  • Mobile tickets and vouchers
  • Flexible contact management
  • Custom Sender IDs
  • SMS Templates and History
  • URL Shortener
  • DLT Mandatory

Our Bulk SMS Services

We got you covered all types of Bulk SMS Services! Choose the SMS route best suited for your business needs, whether it is for bulk SMS marketing or for customer engagement, We configure both promotional and transactional SMS routes for you, Free of Cost.

Promotional SMS

Configured by default for all new accounts, promotional SMS is generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and existing customers. Messages are sent to non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers between 9 am and 9 pm only.

Transactional SMS

Transactional routes can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24×7 from your own 6-character Sender ID(s)

International SMS Services

Like the name suggest, International SMS is the process of sending messages to target audiences living abroad or in a different country than where your company is based. For example, Our SEO services is primarily based in Bangalore but we assist businesses from all over the world and implement SMS services to them as well where messages are sent to people globally. Many Indian companies also implement this strategy to gain more customers living in developed countries since their currency is worth more which generates high profits.

Short code SMS service

A short code is four-,5- or 6-digit phone numbers used by a business only for texting. Businesses mostly use this technique to send one-way messages like alerts, two factor authentication, marketing messages etc keywords are an important part of short code SMS. A lot of times short code contribute to brand recognition and a famous example is the short code of twitter which is 40404 that is known my most people throughout the world.

Long code SMS Service

Long codes are 10-digit numbers that are used for voice calls and two-way texting. Long code SMS service is best suited for start-ups that want to grow the image of their brand and build trust because in the long run, through customer interaction this is achieved effortlessly. Long codes enable you to work with every operator using the same number, but different keywords. It is essentially used to generate leads and receive customer feedback.

Voice SMS Services/IVR

  • Voice broadcast messaging
  • Voice with DTMF
  • Voice to text
  • IVR Services
  • OTP services

Measuring Results made Easy

Get insight in to your campaign performance with click metrics. Track no. of clicks, the mobile numbers along with parameters like device type, OS, browser of the clicked recipients. Use this information to measure your SMS campaign response and understand your audience better.

Test, measure & optimize your campaigns to know what works best Compose the perfect SMS by analyzing what CTA, what time, what offer works best by continuously measuring how each of the campaigns performed. Keep optimizing by using CTRs as an indicator of campaign effectiveness

Identify and re-engage with users who showed interest The advanced click tracking allows you to trace mobile numbers of all recipients who clicked on your SMS campaigns. You can segment and re-engage by directly calling them up or by sending detailed information and tailored offers

Convey 'MORE' in 160 Characters!

Easily insert files in your SMS campaigns with SMS attachments: Convey additional information in your SMS by inserting images, files, pdfs, and videos in your SMS at a click of a button. Save time and effort in uploading, hosting and generating URLs for the files.

Use our inbuilt URL shortener to generate shortlinks on-the-fly: Save space in your SMS by shortening the URLs using our inbuilt URL shortener. Enable advanced tracking to send unique links to every recipient, which helps you trace mobile numbers of people who clicked on your link

Create mobile-optimized web pages right from the web portal: Design your web pages in minutes using our web page builder. Put all the information you could not convey in the SMS including images, videos, links to your website and more.

Our Pricing

We are the #1 Bulk SMS service provider in Bangalore, India at the lowest price with 100% delivery guaranteed. If you are looking to send SMS alerts, SMS reminders, Bulk SMS, or International SMS – we have the best prices to help you use Bulk SMS Service to benefit your business or organization.


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Frequently Asked Questions

bulk SMS is the process of sending text messages to a huge target audience at a time. This form of marketing has been around for many years and even today, it is the most effective way of reaching out to a customer. It is found that text messages are opened 98% of the time compared to emails which are opened only 22% of the time. Therefore, Bulk SMS is an effective way of sending an important message to thousands of people across the globe. it is also very convenient and cost effective compared to other marketing techniques. With 5.29 billion mobile phone users globally, Bulk SMS becomes the most direct and efficient sector of digital marketing.

  • Cost effective and highly efficient
  • Delivers excellent ROI
  • Easy to implement and work with.
  • Can be personalised to each member of the target audience easily.
  • High open rates

Yes. We have 100% delivery rate.

We provide all Bulk SMS Service in 'Voice SMS Service/IVR'. Top 5 services are below;

  • Voice broadcast messaging

Voice Broadcast messaging (VMB) is the process of delivering messages to a large group of people through automated voice calls. Commonly, VMB is used as pre recorded audios or text to speech messages with the capacity to personalise those messages.

  • Voice with DTMF

Dual Tone Multi Frequency commonly known as DTMF is a technology used with touch phones. The sound made while pressing the number keys signals the phone company and sends a command to the switch indicating that you are going to make a phone call.

  • Voice to text

An average person types 40 words per minute but can speak 150 words per minute. Voice to text is a type of speech recognition that converts spoken language into text, this technology is used in marketing to enhance interactive phone functions such as voice to text message delivery.

  • IVR Services

IVR is a technology that interacts with a customer first, before connecting them to a representative. They have become an important part of the SMS service system since they collect information from the consumers about their enquiries and then connect them to the right agent that can help them.

  • OTP services

One Time Passwords (OTPs) are unique passwords that are used as a feature of two factor identification and multi factor identification. In a world where online payments are taking over the age-old cash system, OTP become an integral part of our lives. Our SMS services in Bangalore offer all services related to OTP which is OTP on call, OTP on SMS and OTP on missed calls.

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