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SEO services that gives you customers, not just website traffic. We are the best SEO services company in Bangalore offering affordable SEO Services at the best prices. Our SEO experts help you grow your sales and revenue. 

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A Strategic Approach that helps you to gain more customers

Why should businesses invest in quality SEO?

All businesses need SEO. Irrespective of what kind of business you own — eCommerce, tech,
B2B, B2C, coaching/training/Edtech, SEO fuels your digital marketing. With SEO, you reach more people — leads — customers. The more people walk in and out of your website, the higher the chances of getting more sales. These visitors may be looking for the product or might be interested in some information. In both cases, it’s crucial to be found by these people.

Roi-DRIVEN SEO services

Don’t fall for bad or mediocre SEO. Differentiate good SEO from bad one

Quality SEO services give;


● More conversions (clicks, sign-ups, sales) on the website
● Consistently high ranking
● Good or great user experience and revisits
● Wins the customer and search engines in the long term

Why we are #1 SEO Company in Bangalore

“Our SEO services, High-performance SEO, are delivered at affordable rates. At Digital Mavyah, we continuously deliver optimum SEO.”

When people search for a particular topic, they generally tend to click on links on the first page of the google search results in itself and do not look any further. Therefore, if you have a website and want to secure more traffic then you must apply Search Engine Optimization to get ahead in the game. Our SEO service agency based in Bangalore is the best in the game and will help garner all the traffic to your website and broaden your reach.

Why people choose our SEO services?

We are an SEO Services Agency that helps you attract and nurture leads, befriend search engines and achieve business goals this year and beyond. Apart from the fact that we are the best SEO service company in Bangalore, we do have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you get the best out of this marketing strategy.

10+ years of expertise
Trusted by leading business
Excellent track record
Transparent services and excellent results guaranteed
We have an exceptional team of experts and valuable resources to help you grow your reach
We strictly follow the White Hat SEO technique and primarily focus on quality content and link building
We experiment with different SEO tools and choose some of the best to grow your website
We help you bypass your competitors by strategically enhancing your website traffic
Lastly, we actively work with you to take your business to the next level

Roi-DRIVEN SEO services

Our core SEO services & Strategies

includes Auditing, Strategizing, Executing and Maintaining Consistency

  • Auditing the existing on-page and off-page SEO
  • Implementing technical SEO
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Optimized SEO content creation and distribution
  • Link building and off-page optimization
  • Achieving a high rank on SERP, monitoring, and maintaining
  • Consistently creating SEO content and optimizing user experience, engaging visitors
    and driving conversions
  • Tracking and updating according to search engines algorithms
  • Measuring results and updating strategies continuously

Our SEO Services include


Market Research

Research is an integral part of understanding the consumer’s behavior. Like the name suggests, Market analysis is the process in which our company gathers information about customer needs and drives and creates a plan for your business accordingly. Examining facts and figures is stage one in marketing research.


Competitor Analysis

Another way in which we can obtain valuable data is by researching major competitors to get an understanding of their products, sales and marketing tactics. This research technique allows us to get an insight into the functioning of the rival company and identify loopholes where we can outperform them.


Market Gap Identification

This gives us insight into the strategies that worked for the company, the strategies that didn’t, different approaches that could have been adapted, latest technologies that can be used etc. with the knowledge of gap analysis companies can improve their efficiency by making small changes in the way they function.


USP & Value Propositions

A strong USP is essential for your company to stand out from the rest and we help you come up with it using a complete plan of action. Value proposal strategies help improve your brand identity which is achieved when you add value to the customer’s lives through your product or services with a reasonable price point.


SEO Audit

Just like your blood pressure that requires regular check up once you cross a certain age, your SEO strategies also need regular inspection and maintenance to continue driving the best results. This maintenance is called SEO audit. Our expert SEO agents, dive deep into your site to examine various factors that impact your ability to rank on top of SERP’s.


On Page SEO

On page SEO is the process of optimizing web pages for precise keywords in order to revamp search visibility and traffic. On Page SEO together with exclusive content drives greater organic search successfully. URL’s help google understand the contents of a page and rank them accordingly. Therefore, we implement clever strategies to help your website get recognized and ranked seamlessly.


Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO refers to all the strategies implemented outside of your own website that influence your rankings within search engine result pages. These strategies help search engines grasp your popularity, relevance, trustworthiness and authority and promotes your site based on these factors. we work together with you to generate exposure for your website through other channels so you can stay on top.


Technical SEO

Like the title suggests, Technical SEO Optimization is nothing but upgrading the technical aspects of a website for the sake of improving its ranking in the search engine. Our technical team of experts work on parts of your website that needs to be upgraded to keep gaining ranks on the Search Engine Pages.

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